Saturday Surfing, may 2nd, 2020

September 21, 2022

look at Rosie’s pink toe beans! Connor took this pick, by the way.
Kitty toe beans before breakfast? JA GRAAG. It’s Caturday, after all, as well as Rosie’s quite pink torbie toe beans are putting some spring ??? in my step.

I’m about to tons up on allergy meds since El Hub as well as I are going to attempt to do some lawn work. We’re in the beginning stages of a diy front lawn makeover, as well as I understand this much about it: there will be no planting of yummy as well as tasty foliage, since the last time El Hub attempted a lawn makeover, he planted pansies, as well as the community deer household treated our front lawn like it was a drive-through buffet!


Which leads me to this concern for the gardeners out there: what do you believe about hydrangeas? are there are any type of cat-safe as well as deer-resistant varieties?

I truly like exactly how they look, however I don’t have any type of experience growing them. any type of information you can share is much appreciated!

Well, I much better go don my grubby gardening clothes now. Time to get my hands into some dirt! Here’s your Saturday Surfing reading for the week. ???

“I got addicted, utilized to seeing my deal with with contour.” <--------- Lizzo stated this just recently about exactly how being addicted to makeup shifted her understanding of herself based on what she always saw in the mirror. I understand this feeling all as well well, which is partly why I barely ever wear false lashes as well as sculpt my nose as well as cheekbones these days. Be on the lookout for hairy, drunk neighbors bearing baked products (yes, you just checked out that), since Americans are buying fewer shaving as well as beauty products during the shelter-in-place orders, as well as packing up on baking supplies as well as (surprise!) alcohol. I’m happy as well as thankful that people are taking the shelter-in-place seriously (it was just recently prolonged with may in this part of California), however I likewise truly miss things from our pre-March life…like popping into Sephora to spray a new perfume on my wrist, as well as restaurant food, and… I might go on. Anyway, here’s a deep dive into one of my preferred fragrance lines with Maison Francis Kurkdjian…and when we lastly all go back to our new version of Back to genuine Life 2.0, try to search down Maison Francis Kurkdijian Femin Pluriel as well as provide it a sniff. Het is mijn favoriet. Psychologists break down exactly how to stop biting as well as licking your lips, a habit otherwise understood as a body-focused repetitive habits (or BFRB) — any type of self-imposed action that triggers damage to the skin, hair or nails. Artificial intelligence is being utilized in the perfume world now and, FYI, we’re about two shakes away from entering the Matrix, Neo! OK…maybe not, however it *is* interesting to me that a machine — which has no sense of odor or memories linked to scent — can integrate fragrance notes in methods that we as humans would probably never dream of putting together. ? Here’s a look at Marilyn Monroe’s skin routine prescribed by Hungarian dermatologist Dr. Erno Laszlo. (Psst… It included an oil cleanse.) If you’re a front-line worker or understand one who might utilize this info, please pass it along: exactly how to care for Your Skin If You wear PPE at Work, According to Dermatologists. In a surprise to absolutely no one, cats are sabotaging Zoom phone calls by demanding chin scratches, food as well as attention. ? Feeling like a inspired feline woman today? Why not crochet a small couch for your finest feline friend?! For the beauty enthusiast who has everything: a Chanel USB flash drive in the shape of a Rouge Coco Flash lipstick. Me as well as Connor in 20 years. For my birthday this year, I’m gonna ask El Hub to make one of these for Rosie. Why was watching this so satisfying? I like Monika’s makeup style. Been doing this guided breath work meditation very first thing in the morning all week long. ADVERTENTIE Got any type of socially distanced plans for today? Uw vriendelijke addict van de gemeenschappelijke gemeenschap, Karen