A Triple Threat! — Blue Wings, Purple Waterlines and Peachy glitter Eyes

September 20, 2022

A new look in one, two, three!
Do I miss the days when I had hours and hours to whisk my eyeshadows into clouds of fluffy color?

Ja en nee.


Yes, because I’m in awe of myself — literally in awe — for ever having the patience to do sophisticated eye makeup once upon a time.

But also no, because banging out these quick 15-minute makeup looks before I leave for work at the bakery has taught me all kinds of creative tricks!

One thing I’ve been doing lately is combining different elements I’ve worn in various looks to come up with something new.


Katten & make-up sweatshirt ??

$ 42

Winkel nu

For this look, I incorporated three makeup elements I’ve been wearing across quite a few bakery-day looks lately.

A colorful lower waterline

Colorful cat eyeliner


1. work your waterline.

lining your lower water line is an easy, low-stress way to add a pop of color to your look without committing to lots of intense blending. here I’m wearing a dark purple liner, which is the same one I used in the aubergine look the other day.

2. embrace your inner colorful cat eyeliner.

Not as low-stress as a colorful waterline because you have to map out your wings and line up the flicks evenly, which is never an easy task, but if you resolve to be cool with imperfection (I am these days… It’s a learning experience!), you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. You can always keep it basic by using a single bright liner — pencil, liquid or an eyeshadow applied with a wet brush — or you can jooj it up by layering different products together. here I’m wearing a blue liner, which I topped with a shimmery blue shadow mixed with a glittery black shadow.

3. choose the glitter!


I know it isn’t for everyone, but in controlled amounts, glitter really adds a little something-something. I patted a peach glitter on my lids with a finger, and even though it ended up all over the place (hello, eyebrows!), I’m cool with it.

Key makeup worn in this look

Eyes: Maybelline Tatoo Gel liner in Striking Navy (cat liner base) and ESUM Aubergine (lower waterline). MAC now and Zen palette (I blended Soft brown and Omega as a base, combined Tilt and Black Tie, and patted that on top of the blue liner before patting Honeylust on top for glitter.)

Cheeks: hourglass Illume sheer color Trio in Sunset

Lips: MAC velvet Teddy topped with Magically Delightful Lipglass

Uw vriendelijke wijk beroepsverslaafde,